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St. Bolotph’s church England

St Botolph’s Church is an Anglican place of worship in the village of Quarrington, part of the civil parish of Sleaford in Lincolnshire, England. The area has been settled since at least the Anglo-Saxon period, and a church existed at Quarrington by the time Domesday was compiled in 1086, when it formed part of Ramsey Abbey‘s fee. It was granted to Haverholme Priory about 1165, and the Abbey claimed the right to present the rector in the 13th century. This right was claimed by the Bishop of Lincoln during the English Reformation in the early 16th century, and then passed to Robert Carre and his descendants after Carre acquired a manor at Quarrington. With capacity for 124 people, the church serves the ecclesiastic parish of Quarrington with Old Sleaford and, as of 2009, had an average congregation of 50.

Kerala India

October is by far the best time to visit #Kerala’s hill stations. The days are pleasant and evenings are slightly chilly.


Eat your way through Lyon, the French city has more restaurants per square metre than any other place in the world!

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Lake como Venice

Make your way from London to Venice via the rails! You’ll pass exquisite Alpine scenery and quiet villages like this one, pictured here, on the shores of Lake Como.

Hoi An Vietnam

The little town of Hoi An lies along Vietnam’s gorgeous coastline, and has built itself quite the reputation as a retreat – it’s where the American troops came to recuperate, and it’s also where you should plan to unwind and slow things down a notch.

Darjeeling India

Famous all over the world for its tea, #Darjeeling is the perfect place to go to if you want to enjoy the breathtaking Himalayan scenery.


When you slow travel through Sicily, you’ll have all the time to appreciate the little moments. Get inspired with our September issue.

Venice beach

Ah, Venice Beach. You either love it or you hate it, but nobody can deny that it’s an interesting place. Known to visitors as the home of the famous Muscle Beach and a vibrant, interesting boardwalk and known to locals as that crazy place to go on a weekend when you need a dose of weird in your life, there’s something for everybody in this quirky, lively seaside community.